Friday, February 20, 2004

Webb throws a complete game, 5 hit shutout against the Sounders. Who cares! I got swept by VORP so pretty much everything sucks right now. Who do I hate more, VORP or my insanely underachieving 1st and 3rd round picks? Tough call right now. HEY CLOWNS...START EARNING YOUR MONEY...HIT THE DAMN BALL EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

What a game! The May 31 tilt between the Bashers and Bobble Heads was a classic pitching duel with both starters going the whole way.
Heads                            INN  H  R ER BB  K PCH STR   BF HR IW HP WP DP   ERA

Zambrano L 2-4 8.0 4 1 0 2 6 111 68 28 0 0 1 0 3 5.87
Contreras W 3-2 9.0 1 0 0 2 3 101 64 29 0 0 2 0 1 3.82

Contraras ends up with a complete game shutout and a Game Score of 86.

The only run scored in the Bashers 4th. A-Rod (BOO in real life!!) lead off with a single and Manny (BOO in sim life!!) struck out (of course). Up came Sheffield and the fun started. Alex was stealing second and Heads second sacker Jeff Kent threw the ball away! Alex ended up at third which set up Shef's ground out RBI which was all the scoring.

Good times!
Here are some stats from our league so far now that we've eached played 8 games vs each other:

Kings of VORP 0.852 0.873 0.776
Jerrys Kids 0.819 0.811 0.835
Southend Kitties 0.819 0.804 0.853
Western Sounders 0.800 0.789 0.831
Bainbridge Bashers 0.777 0.761 0.834
Bobble Heads 0.727 0.709 0.789
Pueblo Runyons 0.691 0.686 0.708

Since I valued OPS over any other stats during the draft, I was curious how I measured up in that stat. I was aware during the latter stages of the draft that I was much stronger against lefties than against righties. Seems that Metz' creation of the superior vs. R lineup is paying off handsomely.

In picking pitchers I valued WHIP (walks + hits/innings pitched) the most, followed by OPS against and ERA. There was no easy way to derive OPS against from the stats available on the FSBL site, but WHIP was easy enough. It looks like my attention to WHIP is evident, but I'm allowing too many runs in spite of it. What WHIP doesn't include is extra base hits - especially home runs - allowed, so it looks like the long ball is really hurting me. In fact I was tied for last in HR/9.

Kings of VORP 4.19 1.28 1.6
Bobble Heads 4.40 1.37 1.4
Southend Kitties 4.62 1.39 1.6
Bainbridge Bashers 4.63 1.40 1.4
Jerrys Kids 4.73 1.42 1.2
Western Sounders 4.75 1.29 1.7
Pueblo Runyons 5.56 1.51 1.7

Monday, February 16, 2004

Oh yeah! I forgot to brag.

Western is the only team so far not to have been shutout.
-- Pitching Performances --
With the absence of the summary reports, it's easier to miss outstanding pitching performances.
OK, even with the reports, they were easy enough to miss if you weren't paying attention.

Only 2 complete game shutouts so far this season.

Pedro managed one on opening day allowing 5 hits, while one of my household name starters, and 25th pick, Eric Dubose accomplished the feat on April 14th, allowing 4 hits.

There have been 10 other shutouts accomplished by multiple pitchers. I doubt any were no-hitters, though I'm not sure if these managers would stand by the general principle of not pulling a starter with a no-hitter in tact.

One of my shutouts was a 2-hit job - May/Foulke on May 6.

There have been 16 other (aside from the 2 CG SOs) complete games.

So there have been lots of other candidates from which to look for low-hit games. I only checked out Western's games.

One gem that doesn't fall into any of the previous categories was a 1-hit game accomplished by Acevedo/Foulke on April 16 in a 2-1 victory over the Bashers. It was quite a pitchers' duel, with Bainbridge utilizing 3 pitchers but only allowing 3 hits. So for both teams that was 5 pitchers, 4 hits, and 3 runs. There's something you won't see too often.

As the season moves along, please share if you notice any 0-, 1-, or 2- hitters; otherwise we may not notice.
Hey, hey! The "slump brothers" come through in a shutout against the hated VORP! I mean really, now that they're in first place, lets all admit that VORP is evil and that their owner, John "Steinbrenner" Metzger, is a plague on the game.

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