Friday, February 13, 2004

I just threw up in my mouth. Here is Manny's line for the last 10 games:
.190 .244 .214
Oh my! At least Alex is coming around:
.262 .311 .595
Yes, my starter's are getting lit up but the problem is the offense...Manny makes how much a year???

Thursday, February 12, 2004

For you stat freaks out there, I'll post this every so often. Yes I know I should be in last place...oh sorry, sometimes I forget that the Runyons are in the league.
Team     W    L    RS    RA   Pct   Exp Exp W Exp L  DIF RSvAve RAvAve

VOR 19 14 185 134 0.576 0.656 21.64 11.36-2.64 23.143-27.857
JER 20 13 179 153 0.606 0.578 19.07 13.93 0.93 17.143 -8.857
WES 17 16 175 163 0.515 0.535 17.67 15.33-0.67 13.143 1.143
KIT 16 17 171 171 0.485 0.500 16.50 16.50-0.50 9.143 9.143
BOB 15 18 145 149 0.455 0.486 16.05 16.95-1.05-16.857-12.857
BAB 16 14 149 157 0.533 0.474 14.22 15.78 1.78-12.857 -4.857
PUB 11 22 129 206 0.333 0.282 9.30 23.70 1.70-32.857 44.143
My offense can only go up, right? I mean Alex and Manny can't keep this up forever!

Mike must not be running the games this morning, cuz he's scared he's gonna fall below .500. Where'd he get that shortstop, anyway? AA ball?

Bobble Heads on a 5 game winning streak! Must be a pitching and defense story. Or is it just dumb luck? Let's hear some trash talking, Russell.

If games ended after 7 innings VORP would be 20-4-4. Glad this isn't little league!

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

The VORP leap into a tie for first place with 2, two game sweeps last night. Newly promoted closer, Joe Borowski got the evening started off well by pitching 1.1 scoreless innings in a non save situation. Apparently this display of leadership was contagious as the VORP bullpen pitched 3.1 more scoreless innings over the next 3 games. While the bullpen pitched well the VORP starting pitching is really the story. In the 4 games VORP starters went 30.2 innings giving up only 5 earned runs. It was especially sweet to sweep the Bashers scoring 14 runs and allowing only 2.

The VORP manager credits both his lineup shuffle and recent bullpen changes for inspiring his team. "I can't play the games for them on the field. The most I can do is put them in a position to succeed.", mumbled manager and GM John Metzger as he booted up his laptop. "What I really need to do is solve my black hole problem at 1st base." With that Metzger opened up his cell phone and placed a call to the agent for Andres Gallaraga.
OK, I need everyone to be very clear on this. I clearly and definitely drafted the best team, there really should be no dispute. This simulation program is a piece of crap...I mean Alex Rodrigez .186 .248 .314 after the first month. That just does not happen. I WILL be going back to Strat-O-Matic next year...Oh wait, I drafted the best team last year too and I finished 10 games behind...Damn You, computer dice (fist shaking with Jon Stewart voice).

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

You got that right, A-Rod and Manny, the famous trade partners, are really stinking up the place right now. Marcus Giles has been getting on base for Sheffield and that's the only thing keeping me going.

I just ran out of patience with my closer as well and I promoted Julio Mateo from your third place Seattle Mariners.

Hey, what kind of performance enhancing drugs are being passed around Jerry's clubhouse...I need some of those. His 5-1 record in one run games must mean he did a good job of draft for veteran leadership and team chemistry.
The VORP's vaunted multiheaded hydra, AKA closer by committee continues to blow chunks as they cough up another two games with blown saves. This has lead to Matt Mantei being replaced by Joe Borowski in the right handed closer role. This may shake some fear into Eddie Guardado and inspire him to get the job done. Despite leading the league in runs scored and being 2nd in runs allowed the VORP are perched at .500 and tied for 4th place. Oh well, at least I don't have the disappointing Alex Rodriguez and Manny Ramirez on my team:-)

Monday, February 09, 2004

I just swapped Randy Johnson out of the VORP starting rotation in favor of Redman. Johnson pitched for the VORP exactly as his 2003 stats indicated (badly).
Beckett is worth a pickup by some team (just not mine). The VORP needs more quality relief. Despite leading the league in both ERA and Runs scored we are an enemic 10-8. I have faith that the numbers will eventually turn into wins. I'm not going to panic for at least another 20 games.
WOW! Russell makes Steinbrenner look like the picture of calm. World Series winning starter Josh Beckett is release after 4 starts. His 9.53 ERA was just to much to take!

I'm glad I don't work for him!

Mike wrote:
Anyway, I predict Zito gets knocked around again in game one while the Bashers come back and win the next two to take the series (score for game 3: 9-7).

Hey, I think it's time for an investigative commission. Mike called that way too close! ;-) Actually Zito didn't get knocked around but lost a pitcher's duel. Fine prognosticating, anyway Mike. Just wait for the next series.

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