Friday, February 27, 2004

The VORP is less than human against lefties. If you stock up on lefties you will beat the VORP. I'm hitting a mendoza like .234 against left handed pitching....and now my starting rotation has decided to dive into the dumpster. This has forced me to make a few changes.....Jim Thome - hit the bench, welcome Mr. Nick Johnson. Bj Ryan - see ya, Randy Johnson - buh bye, Mark Redman - get some pine blisters and say hello to Ryan Wagner and Byun-hyun Kim.

These moves aren't going to help me hit lefty pitching but I'm scouring the wires and looking to make trades. VORP management will not accept going 3-7 over a 10 game span.

Thursday, February 26, 2004

Just past the half-way point, here's the Pythagorean update:
Team     W    L    RS     RA   Pct   Exp  Exp W Exp L   DIF  RSvAve RAvAve

VOR 50 36 491 407 0.581 0.593 50.97 35.03 -0.97 70.286 -13.714
JER 45 39 444 408 0.536 0.542 45.54 38.46 -0.54 23.286 -12.714
WES 48 38 455 422 0.558 0.538 46.23 39.77 1.77 34.286 1.286
BAB 42 42 424 400 0.500 0.529 44.44 39.56 -2.44 3.286 -20.714
BOB 45 39 363 358 0.536 0.507 42.58 41.42 2.42 -57.714 -62.714
KIT 41 45 429 443 0.477 0.484 41.62 44.38 -0.62 8.286 22.286
PUB 26 58 339 507 0.310 0.309 25.95 58.05 0.05 -81.714 86.286
420.71 420.71
Since the last update indeed my offence has improved. I am now running slightly above league average in scoring. And I'm still second in the league in stopping runs. And how have these improvements been reflected in the standings? I'VE FALLEN 5.5 GAMES BEHIND!! My 9-13 record in one run games is most of the problem. I've really getting tired of it! I'm looking to see my improvements continue and start winning some close ones. Don't count me out yet!

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Be carefull...I just might take you up on that server crash :-)
The KoV may be a fearsome machine, but I suspect that their manager in spite of his bluster, is more fearful than he lets on about a likely post-season championship series against the surging Sounders. The Sounders have indeed stocked up on left handed starters, and it seems to be the key to exploiting VORP's merely human batting lineup against lefties. Note that to date Western has a commanding 10-5 record against VORP - the only team with a winning record against them. Manager Willingham smiles in his knowledge that he doesn't even need to capture the regular season crown to win the post-season battle. His biggest challenge may be in winning the first round of the post-season.
The tying run (a pinch runner to boot) gets thrown out at the plate !!!!

Jersey vs VORP

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

I'm seeing a lot of desperate moves going on trying to stem the tide known as the VORP. Go ahead, drop your underperforming 3rd basemen, stock up on left handed starters, fiddle with your lineups and bullpen, crash the server prior to the playoffs. The Kings of VORP will not be denied. This is a warning to all.......

Monday, February 23, 2004

I go away for some much needed PTO and come back to find I've been compared to George Steinbrenner. That cuts me to the quick. The VORP were 1 game behind when I left and now sport a 5 game lead on the rest of FSBL. The big three of Halladay, Vazquez and Loaiza continue to come through. The bullpen is starting to come on track with Steady Eddie, Blue Collar Joe and K-Rod slamming the door. My 3.23 K/BB ratio is my biggest pitching asset.

Offensively my team crushes righties with a line of .291/ .369 / .518 all this without Bonds putting up strat-o-matic numbers. Against lefties I'm very mortal but I hope that some of my designated lefty crushers will come around (hello Nevin, Ensberg and Wilson).

My surprise player has been Cory Koskie who is sporting a 359/457/544 line. Whoa Nelly....

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