Friday, February 06, 2004

And the trash talking begins from an unexpected source, the normally reserved Walker. Let's take a look at these upcoming Bashers-Sounders tilts.

Bashers and Sounders
Pitching Probables:
Bashers: Zito (L) 1-0 6.55
Sounders: Acevedo (R) 2-0 4.50

Bashers: Hernandez (R) 1-1 3.71
Sounders: Schilling (R) 3-0 3.18

Bashers: Sabathia (L) 1-1 9.82
Sounders: May (L) 0-2 7.64

Well, now that I write it out I don't really know how much trash talking I can do. Game two should be a good pitching match up while game 3 looks to be a major slug-fest. Sabathia needs to get his act together quickly after allowing 8 runs while recording only two out in the blowout loss to arch rival VORP (you know how the Bashers' fans are - winning the world series would be nice but beating VORP (ne stale cheetos) is really all that matters). Anyway, I predict Zito gets knocked around again in game one while the Bashers come back and win the next two to take the series (score for game 3: 9-7).

Sorry, no games over the weekend. It's on my work laptop which I left at work.

I sure hope some games get played over the weekend, and we don't have to wait until Monday morning for more results. Albert's just getting warmed up now with singles and a smattering of extra base hits after a miserable start, and should be breaking out with some major power soon. Sorry Mike that your boys are probably gonna feel the brunt of it, but them's the breaks. :-)

Thursday, February 05, 2004

My bullpen appears to be the weak point on the VORP. Two blown saves and couple of blown holds. On the plus side Barry Bonds is hitting .486 with power :-)
Metz found yet another bug in my boxscore script. The scores for games where a team scores 10 runs or more are wrong. I'll get them fixed today or tomorrow.

OK, I finally setup the Blog. We can talk on hear in stead of email. Very fun first few games. Some come from behind wins, some ejections. A little bit of everything.

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