Thursday, May 13, 2004

VORP wins, VORP wins, party time, excellent....

Despite Mike trying to deny it ever happened by not posting the final box score, The Kings of VORP win the inaugural FSBL league by sticking it to the Bashers in games 5 and 6. After some amazing playoff heroics in games 1 and 2 the final 4 games were pretty anti climactic.

In the clinching game 6, VORP batters punch and judy'd Barry Zito in a 4 run 6th inning. Then Mr Bonds hit a 2 run blast as a capper. There was no overmanaging or bullpen breakdown or strange web site crashes this year to deny VORP their victory lap.

To summarize..I win, the rest of you lose and never draft Alex Rodriguez in the first round of a simulated baseball league.

Friday, April 16, 2004

Let's just face the facts...these two games have been a LOT more exciting than anything the M's have going on. Thank you Mr. Sheffield! Next stop, the beautiful Bainbridge Field and Eagle Harbor Park.

Oh No !!!!

The VORP bullpen suffers a stunning collapse as the Bainbridge Bashers come backs from a 6 run deficit to defeat the VORP 10-9. I'm sure Mike will be posting the box score shortly. VORP started off the game by lighting up Barry Zito to the tune of 8 runs in the first 3 innings. Basher manager Houser lifted Zito for Contreras and VORP manager Metzger made the tactical blunder of the day. Metzger began lifting his right handed hitters in favor of his lefty mashers. Out went Ensberg, Nevin and Sanders, in came Koskie, Johnson and Nixon. The VORP lineup then proceeded to go stone cold for the next 6 innings. Estaban Loiaza pitched very well into the 8th inning when he was lifted after allowing a few base runners. The VORP bullpen then misfired on all cylinders and a procession of pitchers let Bainbridge first slap and then smash their way into the lead. The fatal blast was a 3 run homer by Sheffield off Borowski in the top of the 9th to give Bainbridge a 10-8 lead.

VORP managed to have a chance to win in the 9th, scoring 1 run and having runners on the corners when the game ended on a weak K by Trot Nixon. VORP had nothing left on the bench int he late innings as a direct consequence of their manager flipping the lineup too early in the contest. VORP manager Metzger was seen muttering "I overmanaged, Damn, damn, damn".

VORP ownership refused to give Metzger a vote of confidence after the game. "We should be up 2 games to 0 instead of tied 1-1 leaving our home field. I think we all know who is to blame."

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Oh yeah !!!!!!

Jim Thome delivers a pinch hit 2 out, 3 run home run in the bottom of the 9th to lead the Kings of VORP over the Bashers in game 1 of the FSBL world series. VORP was lead by some absolutely brilliant managing as Metzger waited until the last minute to bring Thome into the game. With a single swing of the bat he justified his high draft position. Vorp got a great game out of BH Kim who was forced to throw 106 pitches because Metzger fell asleep in getting his bullpen up and warmed up.

Despite attempting to work every lefty-righty matchup in the book the Bashers manager was left a man short in the crucial 9th inning. Brian Fuentes 2 walks to Johnson and Bonds were critical for the VORP. Heredia and Mateo came in to K the next two batters setting up the last at bat for Thome. Despite his inability to hit left hand pitching Bashers manager Houser left in right hander Mateo to face Thome. The famous last words from manager Houser were "I'm not bringing in Hammond to face Thome." He may just get Grady Littled out of town for that decision if the Bashers fail to rebound from the amazing turn of events. Not since Kirk Gibson has baseball seen such an amazing turn of events.

Yea...so the world series has started...sorry I can't talk now I just suffered a Level II Stomach Punch. I'm sure John will be writing about it soon with absolutely no histrionics whatsoever.

Friday, April 02, 2004

I'm on vacation next week so I won't be starting the World Series until I get back. John and I have agreed to play the world series games LIVE. Yes, we will be making the decisions. We'll work out the details and let you know when and where in case you want to watch...how could it not be exciting?!?!

Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Kings of VORP clinch the pennant with a nail biting 2-0 win in game 6 over Jerry's Kids. Javier Vazquez pitched a brilliant complete game shutout for the victory. Vazquez and Bartolo Colon matched zeros on the scoreboard until the 8th inning. The Kings of VORP almost struck in the bottom of the 7th leaving the bases loaded when Koskie struck out after a walk and 2 singles had loaded the sacks. In the fateful 8th Nick Johnson led off the inning by flying out, Barry "mellon head" Bonds then stroked a double into the right field corner. Jerry's manager Jerry decided to leave the tiring Colon in the game after a brief trip to the mound. Off season comparisons to Grady Little will be applied to Jerry. The move appeared to work as Jim Emdonds struck out on high hard fastball, however Bret "don't call me Bert" Boone lofted an opposite field home run on the first pitch he saw to plate the only runs of the game.

Fans swore they could actually see Boone's head swell as he rounded the bases. Vazquez closed out the game by cutting the heart out of the middle of the Boys order, setting them down on 2 fly outs and a grounder to close the series. VORP players doused their upset manager with frosty Red Hook Ales after the game. VORP manager John Metzger was seen berating his players after their celebration "We've still got 1 more series to win boys."

VORP's next opponent remains unknown as the Bainbridge Bashers extended their series to a deciding game 7 by pummeling the Western Sounders 10 - 6.

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

The Bashers stay alive with a big win holding on after a six run second. How about some LCS MVP consideration to Mike Piazza. After posting a .244/.314/.448 during the regular season he has taken over the playoffs, leading both series with a 1.356 OPS. Now the series comes home with a classic Schilling/Zito duel. Let's hope the Bashers can force a game 7!

Monday, March 29, 2004

The brilliant managerial decision to start BH Kim in game 4 paid immediate dividends for the Kings of VORP. Kim started off giving up 3 runs in the first and it looked as though the Jerry's would continue their tradition of pounding of VORP starting pitching. However Kim settled down after the first to pitch 5 innings of shutout ball.

VORP chipped back to get within 1 run in the 3rd when Edgar Renteria went yard with Greg Myers aboard. VORP struck again for single runs in the 4th (Myers single driving home Ordonez) and 5th (Bonds double plating Nick Johnson) to take a 1 run lead. In the top of the 7th VORP got 2 more when an Edmonds single brought home Nick "the inhuman on base machine" (on base 5 times this game) and Bonds. Meanwhile Jerry continued to go down weekly against the submariner Kim tallying only 2 hits in innings 2 through 6.

In the 7th the VORP brought in flamethrowing reliever K-Rod who allowed 1 hit and 1 walk in his 2 frames of work. VORP added an insurance run off a Jim Edmonds big fly in the 9th. Matt Mantei came in after an inning opening single in the bottom of the 9th to induce Miguel Tejada to hit into a 6-4-3 double play and then a Castillo force out to close the game.

VORP sends ace starter Doc Halliday to the mound in game 5 to try and clinch the series.

Friday, March 26, 2004

Bret Boone singles in the bottom of the 13th with the bases loaded to win game 1 for VORP. VORP leave 18 men stranded before finally coming through.

In the second game Jerry's Kids quickly knocked Esteban Loaiza around for 10 hits and 6 runs in 4.2 innings to even the series at a game apiece.

In game 3, VORP struck first on a 2 run Barry Bonds blast. However the Kids once again took it to the VORP starting pitcher, knocking out Vazquez in 3 and 2/3rds innings reaching him for 7 hits, 4 walks and 3 runs. Vazquez can credit his defense turning 2 double plays from making his line much worse. The bullpen came to the rescue for VORP with 5.1 innings of scoreless baseball thrown by Mike Timlin and maligned Eddie Guardado. VORP came back from a 3-2 deficit with 2 runs in the 6th on a Trot Nixon bomb and single runs in the 7th and 8th courtesy of a Bond's triple followed by an Edmonds sac fly and a solo shot off the bat of Magglio Ordonez.

VORP send BH Kim to the mound next, opting to pass over starter Mark Mulder after a sub par season. Mulder is available to pitch in long relief should Jerry's Kids continue their tradition of sending Kings of VORP starters to the showers early.
Post season breathes new life into Bagwell!

After a thoroughly disappointing season in which he struggled to climb over .200 batting, being relegated to a versus left specialist, Jeff Bagwell came through when it counted yesterday. In the second game of the Sounders series against the Bashers, manager Willingham expressed his confidence in the slumping first baseman, by sending him to the plate as a pinch hitter in the bottom of the 12th with a runner on and the game knotted at 4 runs apiece. Bags repaid that confidence by launching a 1-2 fastball off of loser Heredia into the left field bleachers for a 1-out 2-run walk-off homerun.

"It feels great" said Bagwell. "This is the sort of at bat that can make a whole disappointing season dissolve into a distant memory."

Of course it was only the second game of a 7-game series. The Sounders went on to get crushed in the third game of the series by a 14-6 count, and now lead the series two games to one.
What happens with pitching in the next series? Do us teams that got a bye in the first round benefit by having our opponents rotation out of order or do we just start the series with both teams #1 starter?

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